Percussion and Backing Vocals


Bob's full CV would be the size of... well probably a sizeable drum kit. Besides filling the drum seat for KTO he also plays in a number of other outfits of various musical persuasions and is the only member of KTO to have performed at the Royal Albert Hall. (Since you ask, yes, it was the Last Night of the Proms, so no quips about him just liking to hit things hard and often, although obviously that's true too!) More prosaically, Bob's day job sees him coaching the school kids of Warwickshire in the subtleties of percussion. In the early days of KTO, to avoid being recognised by his pupils whilst gigging, he was in the habit of disguising himself in an oh so hip dark blue hoodie. More recently this has been supplanted by his new sartorial trademark, a range of amazingly brightly patterned shirts. Your retinas and eardrums have been warned.